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About Us

China Israel Group is a boutique company that specializes in business development of Chinese companies in Israel and of Israeli companies in China.


Our clients’ selection criteria is not based on how we can contribute to them, rather on how we can invest in them and become partner to their growth efforts.

China Israel Group was founded in 2006 and is managed by Ms. Dvorah Leah Shkolnik - born in Jilin, China, holds a BA degree in Computer Science and an MBA. Alongside Ms. Shkolnik there are business-people, leaders in their field, who are fully involved in the management and business development of technologies and who are constantly prospecting for opportunities for Israeli companies in China.

The company also has an extensive experience in private investments of Chinese companies in Israel and the UK. It established a variety of connections around China with market leaders and private investors that invested in companies in their Pre-Seed and Seed stages.

China Israel Group operates in cooperation with partners that are interested in investing in Israeli technology and companies as a complementary segment to their activity in China.

China’s impressive plan “Belt & Road Initiative” had created opportunities for Israeli companies and technologies to reach far places, even beyond the silk-road. The new plan facilitates investments of Chinese companies and the private sector, which will eventually place China as the world’s leading superpower.

China considers Israel a vital source of technological development, that will serve the country in reaching its’ goals. Israeli companies that participate in reaching this goal, have growth potential and great profit.

Throughout the years China Israel Group has been active in China it also acquired personal connections, which are essential for penetrating the Chinese market and are allowing the company to identify potential customers and investors. Thanks to this, our company can easily introduce those potential customers and investors to Israeli companies and establish a bridgehead to that market.

In most cases the investors are Angels, a fact that allows the Israeli companies maintain their strategic decision making status and move freely in a larger scope.  

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